Fall Protection - Competent Person


Fall Protection - Competent Person


Fall Protection - Competent Person

Length: 4 Hours with Practical Application

Upon successful completion of the Fall Protection course, the student will be able to recognize and explain the difference between Active and Passive Fall Protection as a Competent Person and Competent Inspector. 

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Course Topics:

  • Rules, Regulations, and Recommendations

  • Describe and assess work site fall protection plan

  • Describe the elements in a Fall Arrest System

  • Harness, Connectors, Anchorage, Rescue Plan

  • Identify equipment used for fall protection

  • Follow Manufactures instructions for use of fall protection equipment

  • Perform inspection of fall protection equipment

  • Clean, maintain, and store fall protection equipment

  • Identify and correctly complete inspection documentation

  • Identify potential Fall Hazards

  • Fall Protection rescue procedures

  • Perform a practical demonstration in use and application of techniques presented in the fall protection training seminar

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