5 Tips for a More Effective Training Program

5 Tips For A More Effective Training Program (2).png

1.       Uniformity

Create a good base training program that all employees are required to go through when they first start. This will help you understand your employees’ knowledge foundation. From there, more job-specific training can be delved into.

Imagine you have an employee who has been with your company or in the industry for years. You assume they have the knowledge they need to complete their job safely, however, if they received bad information when they first started, they’ll now hand down that information to the people they train. It’s not their fault, this is the information they’ve been given, but it’s never too late to fix that and give them the right information. Continuing knowledge checks and job-specific training can help lessen the possibility of knowledge gaps.

2.       Effective Communication

Communication is key to any healthy relationship, whether it’s employer to employee, teacher to student, or even friend to friend. Let your employees know what is expected of them. For instance, let them know what training they need to get done and that they can come to you if they feel they need more training or clarification on anything.

If you are teaching a training class of any kind, let your students know what is expected of them in the class. Let them know how they can exceed in the class. Get the communication started with yourself. Tell them where you come from and try to build rapport with your students.

3.       Keep Documentation

Documentation is extremely important when it comes to training – if you can’t prove it happened, then it didn’t happen, right? Always keep copies of rosters, sign in sheets, and/or certificates that show what training was completed, who completed the training, and when it was completed. This creates a precautionary aspect for the company in case anything were to happen.

4.       Keep it About the Students & Accept Feedback


Remember, the whole point of safety training is to help the employees learn how to be safer within their jobs. Make your goal of the training to see someone have that “light-bulb” moment within themselves. Allow them to ask questions and get as much out of the class as they can.

Give the students your best and always except feedback. Always take any criticism the students have and break it down to see if it’s something you can truly work on to make the experience better for the next class.

5.       PASSION

The most important part of effective training is PASSION! If you aren’t having a good time as a teacher, your students won’t either! Keep the class fun but beneficial. Typically, extra job training isn’t the most fun assignment to complete, but we can at least make it a valuable and enjoyable experience, leaving them actually wanting to learn more!

What other components do you think are essential for an effective training program?

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